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All About Mummy Keepsake Card Gift Set

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This mother's day create a fun lovely keepsake with these beautifully presented questions to ask your child and keep in the slide top tin.

This was make the perfect token gift for any mummy whose child is age 3+.

Inside the keepsake tin there are 16 businss card size luxury cards. The first one is to add the Childs name and age, and then 15 cards with questions to ask the child. Once all the cards have been completed they can be kept safely in the tin finished with a speech bubble lable which says, 'All About my Mummy''

The questions enclosed are listed below.

How does mummy make you laugh?

What does mummy like to eat?

My mummy always tells me

What is mummy good at?

My mummy loves me because

What has mummy taught you?

It makes mummy sad when I?

What was mummy like as a child?

What is mummy not good at?

it makes mummy happy when I?

How old is mummy?

What does mummy do when you’re not there?

What does mummy do at work?

I love my mummy because?

My favourite thing to do with mummy is?

Also available are 'All about my Daddy' and 'Birthday Questions' in the same range. They are questions to ask a child on their birthday. See related products or my storefront.

made from:
Metal tin

Luxury gesso card 300gsm

Tin is 96 x 60 x 11mm